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CARAVAN® Omnibus Surveys

ORC International’s CARAVAN® Omnibus Surveys are a fast way to measure public opinions, attitudes and perceptions at a fraction of the cost of a custom survey.     
CARAVAN i2 Price Check
Fast, economic solution to get insight to support your product pricing decisions
You are never on your own. Our CARAVAN team of account directors, project managers and analysts work to ensure quality and are always available to discuss your needs including: 
  • Consulting on your objectives to ensure the best methodology, whether online or telephone omnibus, is utilized
  • Providing refinement and fine-tuning of your omnibus survey questions
  • Reviewing your results and press material with you


CARAVAN Omnibus Survey Options

All surveys are scheduled at least weekly. Standardized sampling, fielding and weighting techniques allow CARAVAN Omnibus Surveys to be used for both trend and point-in-time analysis.

  • Telephone CARAVAN is a weekly national (U.S.) telephone omnibus survey. With its random dual frame sample (mobile plus landline), it is projectable and is accepted by all major U.S. media outlets.
  • Online CARAVAN is a twice-weekly nationally (U.S.) representative online omnibus survey that can include graphics, video and audio.

In addition, you can target specialized U.S. audiences online including:

  • Online CARAVAN International is a weekly online omnibus that can be used to compare attitudes among adults in over 20 countries across six continents.


CARAVAN Omnibus Surveys can help you… 

  • Generate publicity with attention-grabbing survey findings
  • Track public reactions to events
  • Obtain incidence and demographic profiles
  • Measure brand awareness, product usage and market penetration
  • Test ad copy and visuals (stills and videos)  
  • Evaluate new product or service concepts
  • And more . . . 

Contact us at today for a quotation on your omnibus research needs!